Additional Contract for HSC Health Insurance

Health insurance that is willing to take care of you. Medical expenses, special coverage, dialysis, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy in case of illness and accident are already covered.



Covering medical expenses in a package according to actual expenses with joint expenses

Maximum benefit per policy year

From 500,000 baht - 5,000,000 baht

Tax deduction

tax deductible up to 25,000 baht

Age’s acceptance

6 - 70 years old

Coverage period

1 year (can be renewed up to the age of 84 or until the main insurance is invalid)

Premium payment period

1 year (insurance premium
adjust with increasing age)

Insurance Details

Renewal of additional contract in case of an anniversary of the policy

As for the renewal of this additional contract, the company reserves the right to change the terms of the insuring agreement by adding conditions for the insured to have copayments not exceeding 10%of the covered expenses and reducing the insurance premiums accordingly. The company will notify the insured in writing at least 30 days in advance before an anniversary of the policy.

Insurance premium adjustment

The company may adjust the insurance premium on the anniversary of the policy year due to the following factors.

1.Age and occupation level of the individual.

  1. Higher medical expenses or from the overall claim settlement experience of the contract portfolio.

However, the company will notify the insured in writing at least 30 days in advance

at the rate already approved by the registrar

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