Hospital Cash Plus

Health insurance. Illness is important. Wouldn't it be better for you to smile with medical expenses that cover life and health?


death protection 100% (of the sum insured) Accident coverage as planned and receive daily compensation for lack of income (in case of hospitalization)

Tax deduction

Tax deductible only for the premium of the main contract.

Age’s acceptance

20 - 50 years old

Coverage period

10 years

Premium payment period

10 years

Additional contracts

Not applicable

Insurance terms
  1. Insurance period and premium payment period: 10 years
  2. Age of the insured applicant: 20 - 50 years

Can apply for only 1 policy per insured whether it is Plan 1 or Plan 2.

  1. Health check-up: Applicants only answer health-related questions.

Remark: The health declaration is one of the factors when considering insurance or considering the payment of an insurance contract.

*Income Compensation (HB) has a waiting period of 30 days from the effective date of the policy including illness due to COVID-19.

*Anyone who has the Company's Income Protection policy cannot receive Hospital Cash and Hospital Cash Plus services for an additional privilege. 1 customer can receive services only Income Protection or Hospital Cash or Hospital Cash Plus for only one policy.

*This premium is subject to change based on age, gender, occupation level, and the company's claim experience.

Premium payment methods

  1. QR Code PromptPay
  2. Bank counters
  3. Online internet banking
  4. Credit/debit card
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