MaX Two One 2/1

A short-term insurance plan provides an annual cash back throughout the contract, plus a large savings at the end of the contract as well as life coverage throughout the contract.


Death coverage 110%

Total benefits

Total benefit throughout the contract 101%

Tax deduction

not tax deductible

Age’s acceptance

1 day - 65 years old

Coverage period

2 years

Premium payment period

one time

Additional contracts

Not applicable

Insurance terms
    • Insurance period : 2 years
    • Age’s acceptance : 1 day - 65 years old
    • Minimum sum assured : 50,000 baht
    • Maximum sum assured : 10,000,000 baht (Including all policies sold online)
    • Additional contracts : Not applicable
    • Medical checks : No health check
      Remark :o    For the sum insured not more than 6,000,000 baht, do not need to declare health in the insurance application form.

      o     For the sum insured from 6,000,001 - 10,000,000 baht, must declare health in the insurance application form.

Premium payment methods

  1. QR Code PromptPay
  2. Bank counters
  3. Online internet banking
Additional information

Completeness of the insurance contract

In the event that the insured already knows and makes a false statement is already known in any truth but does not disclose that fact to the company, and the company knows the facts, then it may incentivize the company to charge higher premiums or refuse to enter into an insurance contract. This insurance contract will become void under the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 865, in which the company may denounce the insurance contract and shall not pay according to the policy. The company's liability is only the return of all premiums already paid to the company.

In the event that the company’s coverage is ineffective

  1. The insured voluntarily commits suicide within 1 year from the effective date of coverage under the policy. The company's liability is only the return of all insurance premiums that have been paid to the company.
  2. The insured is intentionally killed by the beneficiary. The company's liability is only the return of the policy surrender fee to the insured's heirs.

As for the return of insurance premiums or surrender money in the event of suicide or murder, the company has the right to deduct the liabilities bound by this policy.


  1. Insurance will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the company.
  2. The insured should study more details about coverage, terms, conditions, exclusions, and benefits from the insurance policy.
  3. As for the right to cancel the policy (Free look), if the insured examines the insurance policy and finds that the benefit payment terms or any other conditions are contrary to intention, wrongful purpose, or not meet the requirements, the insured can cancel the contract by returning the insurance policy to the company within 15 days from the date of receiving the insurance policy from the company. The company will return the remaining premium after deducting the actual health check-up fee. and the cost of the company is 500 baht each


The applicant should understand the details of coverage and conditions before deciding to apply for insurance every time. When the insurance policy has been received, please study the details, terms, and conditions of the policy.

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