Investment Manager

Job description

–        Responsible for the general account investment portfolio, unit linked and relate derivative transactions, to achieve financial goals, investment performance and analysis in alignment with the Company’s strategic direction and policy

–        Initiating and setting up the working procedures to comply with the Office of Insurance Commission, Thai SEC, Bank of Thailand and the Phillip Investment Group policy, and working with the executive management on other investment related project

–        Source for investment opportunities / returns that matches long term assumptions whilst keeping within the risk management framework.

–        Look after the performance of the investment portfolio whilst monitoring its volatility and ensuring efficient portfolio cash flows management.

–        Construct a framework for the Investment Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) abreast of market environment including macro research, financial forecast, quantitative analysis, credit analysis and financial regulations, to support investment plan and ensure regulatory compliance.

–        Regarding to unit-linked business: 1) Screening strategic funds, adding or deleting funds from shelf 2)Construct a framework for strategic and tactical asset allocation 3)Monitoring fund performances 4)Prepare material and communication to sale channel: support and give recommendation to all stakeholders and to ensure deficiency controls are promptly identified, enhanced and in line with the market 5) Tutoring on specific investment products to sales / related party team

–        Co-ordinate with the PAMC team, and other stakeholders to ensure that all processes align with the Group standard. Produce the investment committee meeting. Perform other duties related to jobs as assigned by supervisors.



  1. Investment technical skill  with Experience in Investment management, ALM, Investment accounting and Actuarial preferable
  2. At least 5 years for life insurance experience
  3. Analytical skill
  4. People management skill
  5. Proficient written and spoken English

เว็บไซต์นี้ใช้คุกกี้เพื่อวัตถุประสงค์ในการปรับปรุงประสบการณ์ของผู้ใช้ให้ดียิ่งขึ้น ท่านสามารถศึกษารายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ นโยบายความเป็นส่วนตัว


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