Death Claims

  1. Life insurance policy book (in the case of group insurance, not required).
  2. Death claim form.
  3. Original medical certificate.
  4. Copy of death certificate indicating death with certified true copy by the beneficiary.
  5. Copy of ID card and house registration of the insured.
  6. Copy of ID card of all beneficiaries who claim death claims with certified true copy.
  7. Copy of the first page of the beneficiary's bank passbook with certified true copy.
  8. Taking a selfie photo with ID card. (Click)
  9. In case of an unnatural death such as an accident, additional documents must be attached as follows:
  • A copy of the police officer's daily record of the go-to at the scene of the accident.
  • Copy of autopsy report front and back.

Please read before filing a death claim

In the event that there is a reasonable suspicion that the claim for the company to compensate under the insurance policy is not in accordance with the insurance agreement in the insurance policy, the specified period may be extended as necessary due to the company that may need to examine or collect additional documents for consideration. However, this will not exceed 90 days from the date the company has received all the documents. For the burden of proving that the Company's claim to indemnify is not in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy, it is the company's responsibility to seek additional evidence. In this regard, the insured or the beneficiary must provide the facts and provide reasonable convenience to the company.

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