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General Insurance

Residential Fire Insurance (Fire)

Provides protection for buildings (excluding foundations) which is used as a dwelling place such as houses, townhouses, semi-detached houses, tenement houses, apartments for living in flats, condominiums, and assets within the building;

  1. Fire 2. Lightning 3. Explosion 4. Vehicle damage 5. Aircraft disaster 6. Water damage 7. Windstorm damage 8. Flood water damage 9. Earthquake disaster 10. Hail damage


Voluntary Car Insurance

Voluntary car insurance is an agreement between the buyer (insured) and seller (insurance company). It is the purchase of insurance coverage according to the satisfaction of the buyer, who does voluntarily without being forced by law. Besides, there are types 1 - 4 coverage, type 2+, and type 3+ coverage.


Compulsory Motor Insurance (Act)

To protect and provide assistance to people who have been injured or killed in car accidents by providing prompt medical treatment in the event of injury or helping as a funeral expense in the event of death.

It is a guarantee for the hospital or medical facility that insured will receive medical expenses for the treatment of car accidents.

It is a welfare that the state provides to people who have been damaged by car accidents.

Promotes and supports insurance to participate in alleviating suffering for victims and their families.


Accident Insurance (PA)

This insurance provides coverage to the insured in the event of death, disability, bodily injury, or damage from accidents only. The insured will be covered under the personal accident insurance policy that will pay compensation for sickness resulting from an accident as follows:


  1. Death
  2. Loss of organs and eyesight
  3. Permanent disability
  4. Temporary disability
  5. Temporary partial disability
  6. Medical treatment


Take care of both IPD and OPD patients in one insurance (PA and Health)

  1. Covers death, dismemberment, medical expenses from accidents, and extra medical expenses.
  2. Sickness coverage with third medical expense coverage and income compensation coverage with daily compensation.


Travel Accident Insurance (TA)

It is an insurance that provides coverage to the insured. If the insured suffers from an accident, is injured, requires medical treatment, loss of life, or dismemberment resulting from that accident, it must occur within the time period during which the trip is scheduled.

  1. Travel accident insurance
  2. Travel accident insurance for tour operators and guides


Serious Illnesses Insurance (Cancer and CI Care)

For example, cancer, heart disease, and stroke with a high coverage limit if diagnosed with serious illnesses, including cancer (diagnosis and treatment).


Provide coverage for buildings and furniture (Home care)

Insurance for Medical Malpractice

Protects your business, reputation, and financial assets with medical malpractice insurance.

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