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           Our story begins in 1947 along the narrow streets of Bangkok, where trishaws and cars coexist. Phillip Life Assurance Public Company Limited first started as a locally owned company in Thailand, known as Thai Prasit Insurance Company. In 2001, it was owned by Americans to Became Nationwide life Assurance, an American-owned company. In 2004, the company once again changed ownership and became Finansa Life Assurance, a French-owned company. In 2010, the company faced financial difficulties, which led to it becoming under the control of OIC, the insurance regulatory body in Thailand.

In 2013, the PhillipCapital Group, a global financial institution whose headquarters have been in Singapore since 1975, became a major shareholder, holding 98.75% of Finansa Life’s stake, and changed the company name to Phillip Life Assurance Public Company Limited in 2014. 

        The PhillipCapital Group of companies spans 15 countries and offers a comprehensive suite of financial services, including equities, derivatives, fixed income, bonds, unit trusts, real estate, fund management, banking, and insurance. With shareholders’ equity greater than US $1.5 billion  and global assets under custody or management of more than US $35 billion, the group has been profitable each year since its founding. The group is also privately held with no long-term debt.

        In Thailand alone, Phillip Life Assurance Public Company Limited joins the network of PhillipCapital Group as the newest member, along with Phillip Securities Thailand and Phillip Capital Asset Management, already established here since 1999.  The synergies we hope to create in this network of companies will allow us to provide the customer with a truly comprehensive and wholistic financial service that includes investment, fund management, and insurance.


         Phillip Life Assurance Public Company Limited  has been growing continuously with a CAGR of 38.5% for total gross premiums during 2016-2020. Today, Philliplife serves all segments of customers, primarily in Bangkok and the surrounding regions across Thailand.

1947 – 2004
1947 :  Thai Prasit Insurance was established to provide life and general insurance products
2001 :  Nationwide Life Assurance, Nationwide Group of America.
2004 :  Finansa Life Assurance,  Finansa Group of Thailand
2006:  First company to launch Takaful products to cater to the Muslim community
2007 :  Moved HQ office from Amigo Bldg. (Sripraya) to Ital Thai Tower (New Petchaburi Rd.)

The company  was under  the control of Office of Insurance Commission


PhillipCapital Group (Singapore)  became a major shareholder  holding 98.75% stake of Finansa Life Assurance Company Limited


– The company  was renamed to “Phillip Life Assurance  Plc.”

– Moved HQ office from Ital Thai Tower to Vorawat Bldg. (Silom)


Launched  “Smart Online,  being  the first company to start online sales channel


Increased  registered capital to be THB 3,034 MB


Invested THB 200 MB to purchase land on Silom road  for office expansion


– Obtained  LBDU  license

– Increased registered capital to be THB 4,000 MB


Became  #1  in Thailand Online Market

– Increased  registered capital to be THB 6,000 MB


– Increased registered capital to be THB 10,000 MB


– Obtained  ILP  license (Unit-Linked Insurance under LBDU license)

–  Capital paid-up is THB 5,984  MB of  THB 10,000 MB capital  registered


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