takaful al mabrook 20/20

It is a contract that is designed on the basis of Islamic principles, that is, Tabaru (donation) with no part of the Mudarah (saving) by focusing on helping members in the event of death. The contribution fund rate is relatively low but the amount of Takaful collateral is high, long-term


100% Valid to Takaful collateral

Overall benefits

No payment due

Tax deductible


Takaful age’s acceptance

20 - 55 years old

Coverage period

20 years

Contribution payment period

20 years

Additional Takaful contracts

all kinds


Benefit payment under Takaful contract

  • In the case of being alive until the end of the contract

Receive full contract benefits from the Mutarabah account (savings account) equal to 100% of Takaful collateral with accumulated dividends (if any).

  • In the case of death during the contract validity

Receive benefit from Tabarru account (donation fund account) and Mutarabah account (savings account) which have been accumulated together equal to 100% of Takaful collateral with accumulated dividends (if any).

Dividend payment terms

The company will pay the accumulated dividends upon the expiration of the contract or the death of the member. The company calculates the dividend from the net return on investment which the company will announce at the end of the fiscal year from the end of the 1st year of the Takaful contract onwards as follows:

  1. The company insures the accumulated payments into the Mutarabah account at the rate of 3.5%.
  2. The company will pay additional dividends to be credited to the Mutarabah account when the net return on investment is more than 5%.


  • This document is the preliminary information of the Takaful contract. For Takaful member applicants, please consult the benefits payment terms, coverage exclusion clauses, and benefits in the Takaful contract issued by the company.
  • Please read and understand the offer document before deciding to sign a Takaful contract for the benefit of your family and yourself.
  • The Takaful insurance benefits and coverage will remain and are valuable indefinitely as long as regular payment of Takaful contributions for a specified period in the Takaful collateral continues.
  • The Company does not provide coverage to Takaful members in the event of death due to the following causes: 1) if concealing facts or making false statements, the company will terminate the contract within 2 years of the contract date, 2) committed suicide within 1 year, 3) killed by the beneficiary.
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